Our Favorite Vegetables for the Grill

Grilling sessions are almost always focused on the meat. But in honor of Meatless Monday, today is all about the vegetables: how to grill them, which ones to use and a few fantastic recipes.

Grilled Veggies

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When it comes to grilling vegetables, most of them can be cooked on the grill. You just need to get creative on how you cook them. Some require more attention and care, when preparing and flipping them while on the grill. Ask anyone and they will have their favorite vegetables to grill.

Here are some of our favorite vegetables to grill:


This vegetable is in season in the early parts of summer and there is nothing better than grilled asparagus. There are so many different ways you can dress it up or dress it down. Be careful while grilling them that they don’t slip through the grates though. One of our team members, Emily, likes to season grilled asparagus after grilling with sesame oil, grated ginger, and a little soy sauce. It’s then topped off with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and fresh ground pepper.

grilled potatoes with rosemary

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Potatoes are such a versatile vegetable on the grill – there are so many ways to grill them. Cut them up, oil and season before wrapping them up in a foil packet, or, if you have the time, put them directly on the grill over indirect heat with some oil seasoning. To speed up the process, par-boil your potatoes and finish them on the grill.


Everyone loves a bit of grilled corn. It has become a staple at outdoor fairs and festivals. Grill them with the husks on or off for completely different textures and flavors. Nothing beats some grilled corn on the cob with a pat of butter. Or you can dress up your corn with this Thai-Style Grilled Corn with Roasted Peanuts for some variety.


There is something magical that happens when you put onions on the grill. The sugars in the onion caramelize turning it sweet. If you’re not an onion lover, give it a try from the grill – the oniony flavor mellows out so it is not as strong. Another team member, Adelina, doesn’t like onions in general, but grilled onions are tasty. Add them to your kebabs or cut into half inch thick slices and put directly on the grill.

Charred Red Bell Peppers

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Bell Peppers

Grilled bell peppers come out sweet and delicious. Add them to you kebabs, slice them to add to sandwiches or if you want to get fancy, grill them until they blacken, remove the skin and add to recipes that require a roasted pepper.


Another great vegetable for kebabs are zucchinis or you can simply slice, season and add on the grill. The way you slice it doesn’t matter as long as they’re thick enough to stay together. Cut them evenly so they cook in the same time. Or, slice them into ribbons for this Grilled Zucchini Ribbon and Kale Salad.

Grilling lettuce. Yeah, you heard me.

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Leafy Greens

Romaine lettuce and cabbage do really well on the grill. They make the perfect start to a salad. Just cut into quarters, cook on the grill until wilted and add your favorite salad dressing and toppings. This makes a simple weekday dinner and can be customized any way you like.

Looking for more recipes? Here are some delicious and unique recipes that caught our eye from around the web:

  1. Try out this Mediterranean inspired Grilled Eggplant Topped with Goat Cheese and Tomato.
  2. This grilled vegetable summer salad with mozzarella mixes a variety of grilled vegetables with a balsamic marinade which brings out their individual favors. This is an easy weekday dinner after a long day.
  3. Replace meat with veggies in these grilled vegetable fajitas. It also uses a foil packet to grill some beans.
  4. These Green Curry Veggie Kebabs are a great way of adding some variety to your typical kebabs.
  5. Planning a grilled vegetarian meal? Here are a few menu ideas to get you started.

What are your favorite vegetables for the grill?

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