Quick Tips For Cleaning Your Grill

Face it. Everyone hates cleaning. It’s the no fun part of having fun that you wish could just go away. But when it comes to grilling, the cleanup process is the most essential part. It saves you from headaches (and tummy aches!) down the road.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get everything clean with minimal effort.

With an onion

Matt cleaned the grill with an onion..

Photo: Allison on Flickr

Using half an onion (cut side down) on a hot grill will loosen up the charred bits from your recent grilling session. The oils in the onion breaks down the leftover food parts and makes for an easy cleanup. Make sure the grill is hot and the onion is freshly cut. Plus it’s eco friendly!

With a balled up piece of aluminum foil

Don’t enjoy the scent of onions? Then try the same method but with a scrunched up ball of foil. It’s odd angles from the foil will easily scrape off food bits and pieces left on the grill.

With a brass wire brush

This process works well when you’ve realized that you forgot to clean your grill the last time you used it. Turn on your grill until its hot and scrub it down with the wire brush to remove all the residue and leftover food bits. Dip a piece of paper towel in oil the grill and rub it on the grill to prepare it for your next use. Watch this handy Vine video courtesy of Bon Appetit:

With a pot of coffee

Coffee is acidic and would work to break down leftover grease from grilling. Simply soak your grill grates in the coffee, let it sit for an hour and then give it a scrub. All the grease should come off with a rinse of water.

With your oven

At the end of your grilling season, take the removeable parts of your grill and scrape off the big clumps. Put them all in your oven and set it a high temperature. As it bakes it will remove harmful particles. Here is a walk through to show you how.

With these easy steps, you don’t have an excuse anymore for not cleaning your grill!

What are your tips and tricks for a clean grill?

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