Snacks for the Road

We’re kicking off travel month at Fine Choice Foods by taking a look at snacks for the road. Taking a road trip is the quintessential summertime vacation for families and with the upcoming long weekend, many will be hitting the road.

It’s tempting to just pick up snacks along the way. We’ve all been there. You’re hungry or you’ve already stopped to get gas. All the junk food and candy at the counter is call your name. But with a little bit of planning, you’ll be able to avoid these spur of the moment unhealthy choices and have some great munchies for the road.

Fill a cooler with ice packs and you’ll be able to keep things cold even when it is boiling hot outside.

Fresh Fruit

Along the way, you’ll be sure to pass by roadside stands set up with the freshest fruits of the season. Pick up a few of these for a sweet and healthy snack. Or, if you have a bit more time, find a local U-Pick farm and pick your own fruit. You’ll get to stretch your legs, enjoy a little sun, have an adventure and it’s fun for everyone involved.

Apricot & Pecan Granola Bars. Photo: Sally / Sally's Baking Addiction

Apricot & Pecan Granola Bars. Photo: Sally / Sally’s Baking Addiction

Granola Bars

With a few ingredients, you’re able to put together a delicious and healthy granola bar for the road. You can try this 5 ingredient granola bar for a basic bar. You can keep these bars simple, or add in your favorite mix ins. Different dried fruits, nuts and chocolate bits can all be added for different flavors and combinations. Some tasty combinations are apricot and pecan, lemon cranberry and dark chocolate, cherry and almond bars. Or if you don’t want them in bar form, roll them up into balls like these no-bake energy balls.

Trail Mix

Even easier than making granola bars is mixing together a trail mix. Mix together your favorite nuts with raisins for a classic combination. Add in dried fruit like cranberries for additional sweetness. Or fulfil your chocolate craving by adding bits of dark chocolate to your trail mix. Everyone loves a little sweet and salty together.

roast chickpeas

Photo: Jules on Flickr

Roasted chickpeas

Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, are packed full of protein needed for long days on the road. Roasting gives them the crunch that you crave. You can roast them with different seasonings to suit your tastes. Good combinations are honey and sea salt, cinnamon sugar, chili lime, or garlic and cumin. There are so many different combinations!


It’s easy to forget to hydrate while you’re on the go. Instead of picking up soft drinks and sugary juices in the convenience store, stock up on water. Try flavoring them with different fruits and vegetables by adding slices directly into the bottle. Keep them cold in your cooler and you’ll always have something refreshing to drink.

beet chips

Photo: the little red house on Flickr

Healthy chips

Whether it be kale, apple, beets, zucchini or your favorite vegetable or fruit – if it can be sliced, then it can be turned into chip form. Slice the vegetables evenly, and if using a mandolin, be careful of your fingers! Simply season with your favorite spices and bake the vegetable at a low temperature until it’s dried. You can mix and match a variety of different flavors.

Snacking can only get you so far. Remember to pull over every so often for a real meal. And no, fast food doesn’t count.

What are your favorite on the road snack?

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