The Essential Dining Kit for Travellers

This long weekend, make your own eating kit for any travels that you may be doing. This kit can be adjusted based on where you’re going and how you’re getting there.
Wooden Eating Utensils

The Basic Dining Kit for Travellers


Chopsticks are a wonderful utensil and can be used in a variety of situations. You can eat salad, pasta, and of course rice.

A few spices

A few dashes of various spices will help perk up hotel made dishes and tasteless foods that you find on the road. Bring essentials like salt and pepper and your favorite spices and mixes.

Bowl with a lid

A bowl with a lid becomes an instant plate and bowl which can then be used as a container to store any leftovers. Think glass microwavable bowl like one you might bring your lunch to work in. If it’s glass, then you can microwave if need be and not have to worry about microwaving plastic. If you are worried about the weight and breakage of glass, then your run of the mill plastic container with a lid will do the trick.

Hand wipes or hand sanitizers

Clean your hands before eating and use them to clean up afterwards as well even if there is no running water nearby.

For Road Trips or Checked Bags on Planes

A small cutting board

A cutting board paired with a knife (see below) will help you make simple meals in your hotel room or at a rest stop when on a road trip. It’s a stable and clean surface.

Paring knife

This knife will come in handy when you’re trying to cut up fruit, make sandwiches or do any kind of cooking in your hotel room. There are paring knives which come with a cover for the blade – perfect for this use. Just keep in mind to pack the knife in your checked bag if you’re flying!


Make on the road eating easier by bringing your own utensils. You can stop along the road and have a quick lunch or eat properly when cooking in your hotel room. If you’re trying to save space, get a spork. While forks are generally allowed on planes, you can always pack them into your checked bags just in case.

Picnic 4

Now that you have your basic traveling eating kit, you can make yourself a simple carrying case to hold it all in. No sewing required!

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