Battle of the Nut Free Butters

With many schools being a nut-free environment for the health and well-being of all students, finding a quick and easy solution to your spreadable woes can be difficult. But that is where we come in.

Battle of the Nut Butters 03 Final


The Test

We tasted a variety of seed and nut-free butters to find out which one is the most well received. We tried them spread onto a cracker and assessed them based on what we liked and what we thought our children would enjoy. And then the ultimate test: we offered the butters to one of our team member’s children to see how they would react.

Sunflower Seed Butter

Sunflower Seed Butter

Texture – When we opened the jar, there was a slick film of oil on the top. A quick stir to blend it back together didn’t do much for the texture which was very thick. It was easily spreadable on our crackers, but once we bit into it, the butter, like true peanut butter, stuck to the roof of our mouths.

Color – The butter is a light yellowy brown color, the exact same shade of a sunflower seed. If spread on some bread, it could almost be mistaken for hummus.

Flavor – This butter very heavily tasted like sunflower seeds. If you’re a fan of sunflower seeds, then you’ll love it. Some found it to be too overpowering, while others loved it, naming it their favorite butter of the three. One thing to note, is that the butter we tried had no sweetener and the flavor might benefit with a little drizzle of honey or other sweetener to mellow it out.

Kid Test – “It feels like peanut butter.”

Pumpkin Seed Butter

Pumpkin Seed Butter

Texture – The pumpkin seed butter appeared to be quite thick when we first opened the jar, but after a few stirs, it is actually fairly runny. It is very easy to spread and will continue to spread out on its own.

Color – The color of the pumpkin seed leaves much to be desired. It looked like baby food or mushy peas.

Flavor – This butter was rather bland, especially compared to the sunflower seed butter. What flavor we could taste was overpowered by oil. Like the sunflower seed butter, this too could benefit with a little bit of sweetener.

Kid Test – “It looks like algae from the sea!” But he still ate it. 

Soy Bean Butter

Soybean Butter

Texture – The soy bean butter looked like peanut butter in the jar. It was easy to spread on our cracker. The texture was smooth, but it wasn’t overly sticky.

Color – The color of the butter looked like peanut butter. It was a tan, brown color.

Flavor – Despite it looking like peanut butter, when you tasted it, you can tell that it’s not. But it comes very close to it. If you’re actively seeking the soy flavor in the butter, you can find it, but if you spread it inside a sandwich, it would be very difficult to tell the difference. The butter came with some sweetness in it from a cane sugar, but it is not as sweet as the peanut butters sweetened with corn syrup.

Kid Test – “Delicious!” Thumbs up.

Final Thoughts

Of the three butters we tasted, the soybean butter came out as the clear winner. It looked and tasted close to the real thing and everyone who tasted it agreed that it had the best flavor and texture. It might not be a fair fight as it was the only of the three to have a little bit of sweetener in it. However, it offers a simple solution right out of the jar. All the parents in the tasting panel agreed, their kids would never know that it’s not peanut butter and the kids who tasted it gave it a thumbs up. A winner in our books.

What is your go to peanut butter alternative?

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