Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Thanksgiving is right around the corner for Canadians. Have you planned your meal? There are so many options from the traditional dinner of turkey, stuffing, side dishes, cranberry sauce and pie, or you can dress up each of the dishes into something completely new. Who knew there were so many ways to prepare this holiday meal?

thanksgiving dinner

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Rolls & Biscuits

These homemade rolls and biscuits are great to soak up all the extra gravy and cranberry sauce and if you still have leftovers the day after, you can use them to make delicious turkey sandwiches.



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Whether or not you decide to stuff your bird or make it separately (better from a food safety perspective!), stuffing is a must for every Thanksgiving meal. You can get creative and add in a variety of ingredients to make it extra special.


From the fancy to the ordinary, potatoes are just down right satisfying no matter how you serve them. They’re a must on the Thanksgiving table.

Love mashed potatoes, but looking for something less carb heavy, here are some options:

parsnip & cauliflower mash

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Yams or Sweet Potatoes

You have a lot of options when it comes to the sweeter alternative to regular potatoes. You have yams or sweet potatoes, or you can even opt for the purple sweet potatoes for something completely different.

Green Beans

The classic Thanksgiving meal vegetable. Serve it in a casserole as tradition or mix it up.

green bean

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These vegetable dishes make an out of the ordinary addition to your Thanksgiving table, but they’re guaranteed to impress and become a family favorite.


Sometimes you need to have vegetarian options and these are some tasty gravies that don’t use any meat drippings.

Cranberry Sauce

A sweet and tangy way to accompany your Thanksgiving meal these recipes are guaranteed to be better than anything store bought.

Libeco Harvest Table Linen

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And something sweet to end the meal? Check out our roundup of delicious pies.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving meal ideas? Share your recipes!

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