Snowy and Cold Weather Food

With much of the country covered in snow or in the middle of a cold snap, seeking ways to warm up with delicious foods is a common trend. Vancouver is no exception and with its recent sprinkling of snow, those of us with children or who are big kids at heart know what that means! Spending as much time as possible in the snow before it all melts away.

After a day of hard play in the cold and wet, everyone will be clamoring for a warm and satisfying meal. Here are some great cold weather foods to feed hungry mouths.


Warm yourself from the inside out with a big bowl of soup. You could have this cooking away in your slow cooker while out enjoying the snow or make it the day before to reheat quickly after a day’s adventure.

red lentil and barley soup

Photo: Stacy Spensley

For a hearty meal, opt for soups with plenty of grains and beans. Good options are this Red Lentil Soup, Beef Barley Soup or a hearty vegetable soup.


For a quick and warming meal, you can’t go wrong with a steaming bowl of noodles in soup. There are so many different types of noodles available to you: pastas, rice noodles, ramen, udon, and egg noodles, to name a few. Stick with something easy and simple with this udon noodle soup or try a Red Thai Curry Noodle Soup for some variation. Or use up leftovers from your holiday meals with this noodle soup.

Soup Weather [313/366]

Photo: Tom Sackton

You could even start making your own broth in the slow cooker and then add in your noodles, vegetables and other add-ins later. A great example is this shio ramen that is made in the slow cooker, or a Vietnamese beef noodle (pho) dish. Both traditionally that take hours of tending, made simple with the aid of a slow cooker.


Nothing says comfort food more than tucking into a big bowl of pasta. With so many pastas to choose from and different sauces and accompaniments, you can’t go wrong.

רביולי פרמז'ן ברוטב שמנת ועגבניות

Photo: La Pasta

Classics like spaghetti and meatballs or macaroni and cheese are sure winners. You can even cheat and get some store bought stuffed pastas (or make your own if you’re feeling extra confident) and experiment with filled pastas like these squash ravioli or tortellini with pumpkin alfredo sauce

Hot Drinks

The first thing you’ll want to grab after coming in from being in the snow is something hot to drink. Hot chocolate is a great option for a sweet treat, and you can turn it into a holiday treat by adding in peppermint, but there are plenty of others to turn to. Set out ingredients before heading out for some snowy fun to help get a hot drink into hands as quickly as possible.

Hot Chocolate & London Fog

Photo: Stephan Rosger

Other drink options to try are apple cider, lemon ginger honey tea, and chai tea. For adults only, you can go with a traditional Hot Toddy or perhaps some mulled wine.

What are some of your go to items for cold days spent outside?

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