8 Slow Cooker Soups

Previously we did a roundup of delicious vegetarian and vegan slow cooker soups. Today we’re collecting 8 more slow cooker soups, but with the option to add a variety of meats to them. Let your slow cooker do all the cooking and come home to a warm and easy soup for dinner.

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup – Two Peas and Their Pod

8 Slow Cooker Soups

Photo: Two Peas and Their Pod

A classic combination of chicken and wild rice turned into a healthy and hearty soup. Serve it with some biscuits fresh from the oven.

Chicken Parmesan Soup – Foxes Love Lemons

8 Slow Cooker Soups

Photo: Foxes Love Lemons

Who doesn’t love Chicken Parmesan? This family favorite gets a makeover by combining the classic flavors of chicken, cheese, and tomato sauce together in an easy to eat soup form.

Thai Coconut Chicken Soup (Tom Kha Gai) – Following in My Shoes

8 Slow Cooker Soups

Photo: Following In My Shoes

The perfect combination of sweet and sour with a little bit of heat, this Thai coconut chicken soup, will whisk you off on an adventure to Thailand. If you don’t feel like using chicken, you can substitute it with pork, tofu, or seafood.

Beef Stew – Movita Beaucoup

8 Slow Cooker Soups

Photo: Movita Beaucoup

There is nothing better than digging into a bowl of hearty beef stew on a cold winter’s night. This soup will warm you up from the bone. Customize it by adding in your favourite vegetables.

Tuscan Sausage and Bean Soup – Recipe Girl

8 Slow Cooker Soups

Photo: Recipe Girl

A rich and hearty soup full of beans, lean sausage, and the healthy superfood kale. This recipe is as simple as it gets and makes for a great weeknight dinner. Add in some pasta or rice for some carbohydrates if desired at the end. .

Creamy Chicken Corn Chowder – Two Healthy Kitchens

8 Slow Cooker Soups

Photo: Two Healthy Kitchens

Delicious sweet corn reminiscent of summers past and summers to come, paired with a hint of smoky bacon make up this Creamy Chicken Corn Chowder.

Slow Cooker Pho – Steamy Kitchen

8 Slow Cooker Soups

Photo: Steamy Kitchen

Pho, or Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup, has a reputation for being a long and difficult process to make at home, but with the slow cooker, you can make a delicious broth while you’re at work and add in your noodles and other vegetables and meats when you’re ready to eat.

Chicken Noodle Soup – Honey Bear Lane

Photo: Honey Bear Lane

Photo: Honey Bear Lane

A classic soup for those cold wintery days and nights. Whether you’re starting to get sick, or need a pick me up after a long day, this Chicken Noodle Soup is easy to throw together with minimal effort. Exactly what you need when you don’t feel well. 

Ready to make your soups? Be sure to read these 7 Principles for Making Better Soup in the Slow Cooker before you start.

What are your favorite soups? Have you tried making them in a slow cooker?

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