30 Days of Kindness – Giving Back to Richmond Family Place

Here at Fine Choice Foods we believe in getting involved in our community and giving back to the people who have supported us through the years.

At Richmond Family Place

When the 30 Days of Kindness campaign organized by Marc Smith of 30 Day Adventures popped up on our radar, we knew we had to get involved. We knew we wanted to do something for an organization in Richmond and so the hunt began. One of our team mates, came across the Richmond Family Place and remembered her experiences using a similar facility when she was a new mom. The support they gave her and many families in her community was invaluable. We had found our organization.

We turned to our employees who contributed items from the wish list the Richmond Family Place had provided.  Other items were purchased by our elves making every wish of the Richmond Family Place come true.

Shopping time

Let the shopping begin!

With toys, art supplies and cases of food in hand, members of our team headed to the Richmond Family Place to drop off our donations.


Dropping off donations

We learned of many of the challenges faced by families in Richmond and the wonderful support that the Richmond Family Place is able to give them. From dinner programs to play areas for children to an on-site thrift stop, the Richmond Family Place is a busy and important force in the community. It was a great day of getting out in the community, meeting families and the staff of the Richmond Family Place.

To see more about our visit to the Richmond Family Place and the rest of the 30 Days of Kindness, be sure to check out 30 Day Adventures.

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