Our History

Fine Choice Foods is a Canadian-owned, family run business, dedicated to delivering quality Asian foods for the North American Market since 1986. Specializing in hand-rolled spring rolls, potstickers, wontons and more, the company has grown from a small store on Cambie St. in Vancouver employing 3 people, to a plant in Richmond employing over 115 people.

The Lui Family started Fine Choice Foods in 1986 with a store on Cambie Street selling frozen dim sum and sauces in the store front, and hand making the product in the back of the store.  They soon became a neighborhood favorite and had many repeat customers in the neighborhood.  With the steady growth in the popularity of Asian foods, Fine Choice Foods grew quickly. Now, 30 years and 4 locations later, Fine Choice Foods calls their 50,000 ft2 state of the art facility in Richmond, BC home.

At Fine Choice Foods, we truly believe that a quality product starts with the right basic ingredients. From the cabbage and carrots used in our spring rolls to the pork or chicken used in our potstickers – everything is brought in as fresh as possible.

What sets us apart?

  • We do not add any MSG into our Summ! line products
  • All our produce is bought locally when available
  • All Summ! products are trans-fat free
  • There are no artificial ingredients, or preservatives in our products.

Our Philosophy

Food is an incredibly important part of the Chinese culture.  Common greetings from one to another will often include enquiries about whether or not one has yet eaten.  Gatherings with friends and family will undoubtedly be filled with a bounty of delectable offerings.

It is from these cultural roots that Fine Choice Foods was built.  Bringing food that was authentic, delicious, yet easy to prepare was key to our business.  We wanted to treat our customers as family and we wanted them to feel the hospitality of our family when they tried our wide variety of offerings.

Today, we still keep those same values and while we have grown in size, our mission remains the same –  To bring high quality, great tasting, easy to prepare foods to your family.   We are very proud of our 30 years in business and hope to be serving you for many more!


Our Brand

The name Summ! comes from our original brand which was Sum-m Dim Sum!. Summ was of course a play on words for “some” and Dim Sum is the Cantonese name for the bite sized morsels of food typically served in little bamboo steamer baskets.  The literal translation of Dim is “touch” and Sum means “heart”; Dim Sum is food that “touches the heart”. As we grew, we felt that we had outgrown the Dim Sum portion of the name since we offered so much more than Dim Sum. We did however decide to keep Summ! as the brand which now represents the heart of our business.  Our product comes from the heart and we hope that you love our product as much as we do!