Snowy and Cold Weather Food

With much of the country covered in snow or in the middle of a cold snap, seeking ways to warm up with delicious foods is a common trend. Vancouver is no exception and with its recent sprinkling of snow, those of us with children or who are big kids at heart know what that means! […]


Setting a Buffet Table: Tips & Tricks

Tis the season to be jolly and entertain friends and family. With plenty of holiday parties to attend or host, you’ll be sure to be feeding people. Whether you do all the cooking yourself or you’re having a potluck dinner, there is an art to putting together a buffet table to optimize flow and feed […]


Introducing Our New Oriental Appetizer Pack!

Just in time for the holidays, we’re excited to announce our newest product: the Oriental Appetizer Pack. This is the perfect pack for your entertaining needs whether it is for your next get together or holiday party. Busy after a long day of work and not ready for guests? Or getting sudden visitors popping by […]


Easy Appetizers for Entertaining

The holiday season is upon us and soon you’ll be going to or hosting plenty of parties. Finding the right way to start your meal, can be tricky. You’ll want something delicious, but not time consuming to make. Something unique, and not just plain cheese and crackers. These appetizers for entertaining are crowd favorites and […]


6 Common Types of Squash and How to Cook Them

With so many varieties of winter squash available in many different sizes and colors, it can be confusing to decide which one to cook. Whether you decide to roast, puree or fry your squashes, each variety can be turned into a delicious meal or side dish. We’ve put together a list of common squashes along […]


10 Foods That Make You Happy

With the sun rising late and setting early in the winter afternoons, it can be easy to get yourself into a depressed funk. But, did you know, the foods we eat can help with our overall moods. Here are 10 foods to incorporate into your diet to keep you happy and smiling all through winter. 1. Spinach […]


Gyoza Dumpling Soup – A Recipe

Dumplings are a staple at all of our homes here at Fine Choice Foods HQ, and it’s not just because we make them! They’re a part of a way of life. Dumplings are comfort food and a simple quick meal. Today we present a simple recipe for a quick and easy meal featuring our Sum-m! […]


What’s In Season: November

November seems to be the forgotten month. Tucked in between Halloween and the holiday celebrations of December, is a month full of cold and rain as the temperature drops and we change our clocks back an hour. No wonder people like to forget it exists. However, it is a month full of fruits and vegetables […]


7 Things to Do With Leftover Candy (That Doesn’t Involve Eating It All)

Days after Halloween and you still have a big sack of Halloween candy. What to do with it all? You don’t want your child to eat it all, and you probably shouldn’t eat it all. Each family has a different way of dealing with the candy from Halloween. Some ban it altogether, some gorge for […]


7 Quick and Easy Meal Ideas for Halloween Night

Tomorrow is Halloween. Are you ready? With it being a school night, getting the kids out the door quickly and back home safely is important. As soon as it gets dark, they’ll be wanting to get outside trick or treating. The time crunch between getting home and going trick or treating makes it difficult to […]


Halloween Inspired Meals, Snacks and Sweets

Happy Halloween! This ghoulish holiday is just around the corner. Will you be heading to a Halloween party or two? Here are some healthy (and not so healthy) snack and meal ideas to bring a little spooky fun to your Halloween party. Hauntingly Healthy Snacks Banana Ghosts & Clementine Pumpkins These healthy snacks are easy […]


Apples to Apples – A Comparison Taste Test

Do you know what your favorite apple variety is? With so many different varieties around the world, we sat down and did a taste test of 7 different varieties found in Western Canada. We looked at the apples on a few different scales, judging them in relation to each other based on their tartness, sweetness, juiciness and crunchiness. […]


Unique Takes on Thanksgiving Leftovers

Do you still have the leftovers from Thanksgiving and not sure what to do with them beyond the typical turkey sandwich? Here are some ideas: Flip it Continue the Thanksgiving feast right into the next morning. Start your day off right with cranberry pancakes. Take your favorite pancake recipe and sprinkle some berries into the […]


Beautifully Simple Thanksgiving Table Ideas

The turkey is in the oven, and all the sides are done and ready to go. With an hour to go before your guest arrive, you look at your table and it is a disaster. You have no idea how to pull it together. Don’t fret, here are some of our tips on how to […]


Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

Thanksgiving is right around the corner for Canadians. Have you planned your meal? There are so many options from the traditional dinner of turkey, stuffing, side dishes, cranberry sauce and pie, or you can dress up each of the dishes into something completely new. Who knew there were so many ways to prepare this holiday […]


For the Love of Pie

As the leaves change colours and the temperature dips, nothing is better than tucking into a steaming hot pie, except maybe enjoying a delicious pie for dessert. Pie is comfort food at its very best and today we celebrate the humble pie. Whether you prefer your pies savoury or sweet, pie, and all its variations, […]


Battle of the Nut Free Butters

With many schools being a nut-free environment for the health and well-being of all students, finding a quick and easy solution to your spreadable woes can be difficult. But that is where we come in.  


How To Get Your Kids to Drink More Water

8 glasses of water a day says conventional wisdom, but how many of you actually drink that much? And for kids it is even harder when water needs to compete with the many other sugary drink options available. Drinking enough water throughout the day is important for long term health and happiness. But sometimes, it […]


How to Cook the Perfect Egg

Ah, the humble egg. Cooked properly they’re fluffy and delicious. Cooked incorrectly and they turn out limp, and rubbery. The ultimate challenge is cooking the perfect egg whether it may be fried, scrambled or poached. It’s not as easy as it looks. Today we show you the basics of eggs and offer some unique ways […]


The Ultimate Guide to Freezer Cooking (Part II)

Now that you know what foods and meals freeze well and have gotten all your materials organized, it’s time to get down to it: shopping and cooking! We will focus on how to do one cooking session for your freezer, but of course, depending on your time you can choose to simply double or triple […]


The Ultimate Guide to Freezer Cooking (Part I)

The Internet is full of links and recommendations for freezer cooking, but it can be overwhelming trying to sort through it all. Today we break it down for you step by step. Be prepared for lots of ideas, tips and recipes! But first, what is freezer cooking? Freezer cooking is when you cook a meal, […]


Do You Eat Breakfast? Plus 6 Go-To Recipes

Do you eat breakfast? If you skip breakfast, you’re not alone. In the rush out the door, this important meal is often forgotten. But it’s not just adults either. Studies have found that 40% of Canadian children do not eat breakfast on a daily basis. A shocking statistic considering research has found that having a […]


10 Easy and Healthy After School Snacks

One of the first things your child is most likely to say when he or she gets home is “I’m hungry.” Coming up with different snacks each day can be tough and they can only eat so many granola bars and carrot sticks before getting bored. Today we’ve round up 10 easy and healthy after […]


Creative School Lunch Ideas

When putting together a lunch for your kids, variety is key. No one wants to be eating the same dry sandwich day after day (just as one of our team members – that’s all she remembers from her school lunches!). Beyond variety, it is important to remember the 4 food groups as outlined in Canada’s […]


Back to School Giveaway!

As we head into the back to school season, we want to help busy mothers, and their families get settled into a new routine. Our convenient and tasty products make a great addition to meals or can be served as a meal on their own. That is why, we’ve teamed up with Mommy Kat and […]

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