The Essential Dining Kit for Travellers

This long weekend, make your own eating kit for any travels that you may be doing. This kit can be adjusted based on where you’re going and how you’re getting there.


Preparing for Back to School

Back to school season is upon us and to make sure the first few days are smooth and glitch free, start getting ready now. The days will be long and chaotic as you get settled into a new routine. It will be easy to slip into bad habits and eat processed foods, but studies say […]


Quick and Easy Travel Lunches

When you’re on the go exploring a new city, you don’t want to spend a lot of time on lunch. Sitting down for a meal can take forever if you have slow service. Adding drinks, and including a tip can be costly as well. Here are options for lunch that are both quick and easy […]


How to Plan a Food Vacation

Now that you’ve heard about our favourite food travel memories, how do you go about planning one for yourself? You may hear people say that some cities are naturally more food oriented cities than others. Cities that stretch your culinary limits with new and exotic dishes and cities with all the big name chefs and […]


Food Memories: Reflections on Travel and Food

There is no better way of experiencing a new culture when traveling than to taste its food. These experiences can be of discovery when you experience a delicious new food or of disgust when you taste something not to your liking. Regardless, these encounters make great stories to share and today we’re sharing some memorable […]


Sum-m On The Go!

When you’re travelling it’s hard to think of unique and tasty treats for the road. If you have time, making healthy alternatives is the way to go. But occasionally, time just gets away from you and you’re left struggling to find something to snack on. Sum-m spring rolls and gyozas make the perfect snack while […]


Food Memories: Family Camping Trips

Editor’s note: This post was contributed by one of our team members, Adelina. Read on as she shares her memories of her family camping trips.  Growing up I went camping frequently with my parents and their friends. They all had children around the same age as my brother and I which made the whole experience […]


Healthy, Delicious Homemade Hotel Breakfasts

When you’re traveling, you tend to eat at restaurants a lot more but sometimes you just want something simple, tasty, and healthier than what you can buy from a restaurant. Not to mention, eating in a great way of saving a little money to be spent on other adventures and foods when traveling. One way […]


Things to Considering When Hosting a Summer Barbecue

Summers are filled with barbecues with friends and family. With the upcoming long weekend, it’s now your turn to host a backyard barbeque. What do you do? The beauty of barbecues are their flexibility. Whether or not you decide to do it like a potluck, where everyone brings an item for the barbecue to share, […]


Snacks for the Road

We’re kicking off travel month at Fine Choice Foods by taking a look at snacks for the road. Taking a road trip is the quintessential summertime vacation for families and with the upcoming long weekend, many will be hitting the road. It’s tempting to just pick up snacks along the way. We’ve all been there. […]

6 Delicious Meat Marinades For Your Summer Time Grill

Previously we had discussed how to grill the perfect steak. All those tips apply if you’re using quality cuts. But what about the more affordable cuts, the cuts of meat that you’re more likely to eat on a day to day basis? This is where marinades are useful. But what makes up a good marinade?

13 Superb Summer Side Dishes

You’ve grilled up some steaks and now you’re looking for the perfect accompaniments to the meal. You have plenty of options from grains to coleslaw to colorful vegetables cooked various ways to supplement your meal. Plus, don’t forget about keeping hydrated.

Sum-m! on the Grill

In the summer heat, the last thing you want to do is turn on your stove and oven. But you still need to put dinner on the table, so you turn to your grill. Why not try grilling a few of our Sum-m! products for a simple light meal on its own or as a […]

How to Grill the Perfect Steak

Knowing the different cuts of meat and which ones work best for the grill is only half the battle to steak bliss. There are many other factors that come into play when trying to grill a delicious steak. You need to think about the grade of the steak, seasoning and marinades if needed and then […]

Our Favorite Vegetables for the Grill

Grilling sessions are almost always focused on the meat. But in honor of Meatless Monday, today is all about the vegetables: how to grill them, which ones to use and a few fantastic recipes. When it comes to grilling vegetables, most of them can be cooked on the grill. You just need to get creative […]

Best Steak Cuts for Grilling

There is nothing better than kicking back during the summer months with a well grilled, well seasoned, juicy and tender steak. To achieve steak bliss, you need to start off with a good cut. We consulted with our in house food expert, our R&D specialist, and asked him what were his favorite cuts for the […]

Unusual Foods for the Grill

When you think of grilling and going to a barbeque, the typical items pop into mind: hot dogs, burgers, kebabs. But if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, here are some ideas to make your next grilling session or barbeque party Fruit Yes, you read that right. Juicy, sweet fruit on the grill. […]

Quick Tips For Cleaning Your Grill

Face it. Everyone hates cleaning. It’s the no fun part of having fun that you wish could just go away. But when it comes to grilling, the cleanup process is the most essential part. It saves you from headaches (and tummy aches!) down the road. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get […]

Grilling 101 – The Basics

Summer, to many, means lazy afternoons spent at the lake enjoying good food and warm weather or large  gatherings of friends and family for a summer evening barbeque. But if you don’t know your way around a grill, these summer pastimes can be overwhelming. Before you head out to grill, here are some things for […]


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